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Tortes - View gallery

With two layers of the freshest, most amazing sponge, specialised filling through the middle, and lashings of fresh cream you are guaranteed to have a delicious cake that everyone will want to eat!

Black Forest
Chocolate sponge, cherry filling, fresh cream, chocolate shavings, trimmed with fresh cream and maraschino cherries.

Coffee sponge, tiramisu mousse filling, fresh cream, chocolate shavings trimmed with fresh cream, a dusting of chocolate and Maltesers.

Caramel sponge, real caramel, fresh cream, toasted coconut, trimmed with fresh cream and caramel.

Strawberries & Cream
Vanilla sponge, strawberry filling, fresh cream, toasted almonds, trimmed with cream and fresh strawberries.

Apple & Custard
Vanilla sponge, apple and custard filling, fresh cream, toasted almonds, trimmed with fresh cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings, trimmed with fresh cream and chocolate ganache.

Mud cakes - View gallery

With four flavour options to choose from you’ll have no trouble keeping everyone happy!
These cakes are the tallest of the cakes, and with a moist, dense texture they are very stable and often offer the most versatility to deliver the current trending decoration styles.

Dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache, piping and chocolate shards.

Chocolate Marble
Swirl of dark chocolate and white chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache, piping and mixed chocolate shards.

White chocolate cake, soft vanilla icing, chocolate ganache piping and white chocolate shards.

Caramel cake, soft caramel icing and ganache piping.

Carrot cake – Starting at $40.00 - View gallery

Our famous Carrot Cakes are decorated with traditional cream cheese icing, toasted coconut, and trimmed around the top with toasted walnuts. (Order and decorate with mock cream for a diary free option).


Special occasion cakes
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Mud, Tortes & Carrot
You don’t need a reason to enjoy our delicious selections of these family favourites!
Traditional recipes made with fresh ingredients – it’s real cheesecake!
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