Mud Cakes & Tortes
For any occasion worth celebrating…or just because you want cake!

Tortes: With two layers of fresh sponge, filling through the middle and fresh cream you are guaranteed to have a delicious cake that everyone will want to eat!

Black Forest: Chocolate sponge, cherry filling, fresh cream and chocolate shavings

Chocolate Mousse: Chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse, fresh cream and chocolate shavings

Caramel: Caramel sponge, real caramel, fresh cream and toasted coconut

Strawberries & Cream: Vanilla sponge, strawberry filling, fresh cream and toasted almonds

Apple & Custard: Vanilla sponge, apple and custard filling, fresh cream and toasted almonds

Cappuccino: Coffee sponge, tiramisu filling, fresh cream and chocolate shavings

Mud Cake: Covered in dark chocolate ganache and looking wicked these cakes taste as good as they look! With a heavy, moist texture you can make a little cake go a long way.

Chocolate: Dark chocolate, dark chocolate ganache

Chocolate Marble: Swirl of dark chocolate and white chocolate, dark chocolate ganache

White: White chocolate, dark chocolate ganache

Caramel: White chocolate flavoured with caramel, soft caramel icing


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Special Occasion Cake

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